Mechanical Horse

This amazing piece of equipment is really enhancing the riding experiences of new and existing riders.   He really is a tremendous addition to our “herd” and is known as “Sedbury Shadow”.

Designed in conjunction with RDA and Racewood Limited, “Sedbury Shadow” comes with his own unique set of programmes that allows riders to walk at different speeds, trot or even canter.  Never before have some of our riders been able to experience the joy of cantering through the countryside, safari parks, towns or even on a beach thanks to the interactive TV screen, which brings the whole experience to life, whilst also being in a safe and controlled environment with a specially trained instructor.   It has huge benefits for the rider:-


Saddle pad

For comfort



For leg and rein control


Lower neck angle

For ease of mounting and dismounting


Therapeutic lateral action in all gaits

To improve muscle tone and strength


Buttons on the side of the horse

For the instructor to control the speed

Horse riding has been seen to be beneficial to both physical and mental wellbeing. It is widely recognized as a valuable form of education, exercise and therapy. We know that our riders, who have difficulties that vary in severity, can enjoy horse riding in a safe and controlled environment. Their participation in a sport they enjoy provides a sense of achievement and develops confidence, muscle strength and coordination. Each session can vary in time depending on the riders needs, and usually a ten minute session is recommended.  All riders are given instruction by our approved RDA instructors who have been specially trained.

Unlike our “real” ponies who have a limited weight of 12 stone, our mechanical horse can easily accommodate riders up to 16 stone. Priced at just £1.00 per minute why not give us a call on 01242 584420 to discuss how “Sedbury Shadow” can help your riding.

Dan has cerebral palsy and has been riding at Cotswold RDA for many years. This is Dan’s story. “The arrival of “Sedbury Shadow” has been fantastic for me because it enables me to canter which I have never been able to do on an ordinary horse during over 20 years of riding. This is great. Besides being great fun- which it is, the cantering and the all-round movement of the horse helps with my core stability strength. This in turn helps me to walk around and move in a much easier and safer way. The mechanical horse also releases tension in my lumbar region, which can get incredibly stiff. This then relaxes my legs much more than when I am riding an ordinary horse. The relaxation of my lumbar region is a direct result of the cantering and it would be very difficult to achieve this in any other way. I do physiotherapy every day but it would be impossible to replicate this movement through ordinary physio. So I am eternally grateful to the Sedbury Trust for funding Cotswold RDA’s wonderful mechanical horse.

Dan McAleavy


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