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If you are not able to help lead or side walk our ponies and riders, have you thought about helping us fundraise? We have so many opportunities where we need people like you to give up a few hours during the year to help out. We are extremely fortunate to be able to “bucket collect” at several major events at the Cheltenham Racecourse including Gold Cup, it’s a great day out and loads of fun and the more volunteers we have the more money we raise. We always need volunteers as well as help on our stall when we visit Gatcombe and other events throughout the year.

Become a VIP Volunteer join in and experience the excitement of working at the Gold Cup Festival.  Working with Jockey Club Catering we have opportunities for anyone to join the catering team providing top class hospitality to race goers.  JCC will donate a very generous amount to Cotswold RDA in return for your time.

Why not do something amazing, challenge yourself, get fit or boost your adrenaline for a good cause? From skydiving to half marathons to fire walking, there are so many exciting challenges that you could take part in to help raise money to keep us riding!

Host your own event If you are thinking of hosting your own fundraising event, then give us a call to talk through the details, we’d love to hear from you.

Giving a few hours of your time can make a huge impact on the lives of our riders, read some of our rider stories below – these stories could not be told without people like you who are prepared to donate their time.

Read Pat’s epic skydiving fundraising adventure. 8 people went up in a very small plane, so it was “cosy” to say the least! There was no time to have second thoughts, or even “butterflies” because as soon as we reached 10,000 feet I was out of the plane, securely strapped to my instructor, free-falling with the wind whistling past and providing an instant facelift! It was quite surreal , while trying to orientate myself, to have a flying cameraman loom up snapping away!

There was plenty of time to look around, at very distant patchwork fields and the whole of Swindon spread out like toytown. Because we were so high up it didn’t feel as if we were falling fast. Somewhere between 5,000 – 6,000 feet the main chute was deployed and we were whisked upwards really quickly. It was an awesome feeling, a bit like being suspended in an armchair, Then I was asked if I wanted to drive (!) and was handed the looped straps which controlled the parachute. Pull down right and swoop that way, pull left and sweep back again….so exciting, and over far too soon!  The landing, technical term “bum slide” was perfectly placed and very smooth. I remembered the instruction to lift my legs up out of the way, so no broken ankles. And there was that cameraman again, to record every windswept, over-excited and red-faced moment. “How was it ?” he asked……… It was FANTASTIC!!!”

Pat Redmond


Rider: Miriam's Story

Miriam has a hidden condition (hypermobility) and most people would not know just by looking at her how much she struggles with daily life, find out how riding helped Miriam.

Rider: Thea's Story

Thanks to our After School Club programme, children like Thea are benefiting from the amazing therapy riding can bring.  Read what Thea’s Mum has to say about Thea’s experiences.

Rider: Lee's Story

Lee is a 30 year old young man who has a disability which only affects 1 in 5,000 babies born in the UK. Lee has had to cope with operation after operation since the age of 3 months (27 in total).

Rider: Becky's Story

“Riding gives me an incredible sense of freedom. It’s one of the few times when I am able to get out of my wheelchair. I don’t feel inhibited or confined. It’s one of few times where my wheelchair isn’t the focus and that feels great”.

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If you are interested in becoming involved with Cotswold RDA, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can!