We have done it.   We have just received the final monies we needed to start work on our horse box.   Our horse box, which can carry up to 4 ponies, has been a true work horse for us, but when we had a mechanical failure in the form of a seized axle, which our helpful mechanics told us could not be repaired, and would mean a new chassis.

The “box” of our existing horsebox is in good condition and the funding we have received will be used to purchase and fit a second hand chassis. The refitted horsebox is expected to have at least 10 years service.

As well as our day to day work there are occasions when ponies need to be transported to a vet or equine hospital. CRDA also takes riders to compete in RDA Regional and National championships with a great deal of success. Our ponies all have holidays scheduled into the year where trusted volunteers give them a much-needed change of routine but without a horsebox this is unlikely to happen.

Thank you to the following contributors who have supported this fundraising campaign

  • Summerfield Charitable Trust
  • ACT Foundation
  • Gloucestershire Disability Fund
  • Barnwood Trust
  • Rowland Trust
  • The Sir Peter O’Sullevan
  • Margaret, Head of Day at RDA

We will be keeping you updated as to progress, but the horse box will soon be back in action.