If you haven’t already tried our amazing mechanical horse, Sedbury Shadow, then now is a great opportunity to take advantage of our Spring special offer.  Priced at just £10.00 for a 1:1 20 minute session, you can choose from a wide range of experiences including hacking through the countryside, walk, trot or canter through a forest or safari park and even a beach, all thanks to the interactive TV screen to really enhance your experience. You can also brush up any dressage training as well as practice walking, trotting or even cantering all with a fully a qualified instructor.
If you are not sure of the benefits of riding Sedbury Shadow, then just listen to what one of our riders, Dan McAleavy who has cerebral palsy had to say about Sedbury Shadow.  “Riding Sedbury Shadow has been fantastic for me because it enables me to canter which I have never been able to do on an ordinary horse during over 20 years of riding.  The all round movement of the horse helps with my core stability strength, which in turn helps me to walk around and move in a much easier and safer way”.   Dan receives regular physiotherapy but says “it would be impossible to replicate the movements on Sedbury Shadow through ordinary physio, it has certainly made a huge difference to me”/
Your 20 minute 1:1 lesson will take place on a Tuesday afternoon between 2pm and 4pm from 17th April through until July 18th 2018 depending on availability.
To book your place call Jane on 012 01242 584420 or email on jane@cotswoldrda.org.uk
Please Note:
1. Offer open to past, present and riders on our waiting list
2. Booking is subject to a risk assessment being completed
3. No hoist is available for the mechanical horse
4 Weight limit is 16 stone