At the end of last year our horse box finally gave up the ghost.   It had been a true work horse for us, but at over 15 years old it had become no longer financially viable to carry out mechanical repairs.   Having a horse box is vital to support our operation, without it our riders cannot take part in any outside events and we cannot easily transport our ponies to various locations.

However, thanks to a huge amount of research by Debbie Powell, our Yard Manager she managed to find out that whilst the “box” on the lorry was actually in very good order, it was the chassis that had to go.   Horse boxes do keep their value and a brand new one was just not viable for us, but what we could do is just pop our “box” on top of a new chassis, meaning that refurbishment was far more affordable and achievable.

It was agreed this was the best approach and Claire Jenkins, our Charity Manager then took up the challenge to raise the funds to pay for refurbishment with many applications sent out to trusts and foundations. A very generous donation of £10,000 has been awarded from The Summerfield Trust. Claire said “When the letter from The Summerfield dropped through the post box, confirming the award we were all absolutely delighted.    We are so incredibly grateful to everyone at The Summerfield Trust for this donation, it really will make a very real difference to us and to our riders and of course not forgetting our ponies.  The horse box is an essential piece of equipment supporting our operation on a day to day basis. The fields are a 20 minute walk away and so we do need to use to it to  collect our  ponies  at the start of the day and return them at the end of the day particularly at the end of After school club which finishes at 6.30pm. We are want to compete in National RDA regional competitions and hope that we will qualify for the National championships again.  We are hoping that the other applications will be successful in raising the last £18K needed and that we will be able to have the horse box back on the road very soon.

If you would like to make a donation then please do contact Claire Jenkins on 01242 588420 or use the donate now button on the website